Sh** I hear while Djing – Global Party Starters

So this is my first attempt at a comedy youtube video. I hope you guys like it. There will be more coming out this year so make sure you subscribe to our channel. We’ll also be dropping original tracks within just a few months!

“Sh** I hear while djing is based on real things that I’ve had people say to me over my last 10 years as a DJ. If you are wondering if someone has actually said something, just leave me a message in the comments, i’ll let you know for sure!” – DJ A-SLAM
SnapChat: djaslam

The music is an original Global Party Starters track called Oh My God which will be coming out soon. Follow us on facebook for all our releases

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Video Credits:
Big thank you to all the actors that came out:
“Beach Boys they’ll love it”
Yvonne Gustafson
“Play Diplo he’s so hot!”
Madeline Setzer
“Will You Have My Babies?”
Jessica Lowen
“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”
Stephanie Daunais
“It’s called um Turntables!”
Kenneth Tynan
“Can you play some Metallica”
Wyatt Travis
“Riding with my SurfBoard, SurfBoard”
Sanjay Dayal
“Wanna buy some weed?”
Amit Battlekatt Aujila
“These Floors Aren’t Cheap”
Annahis Basmadjian
“I brought my own mic”
Jimmy Schlossers
“Can You Play Some Beethoven!”
Travis Friday

Hussein DJ A-SLAM Alidina
additional script editing by Sahra Jama

Filmed and Edited by
Sukhi Walia

Thank you to Dee for letting us shoot at the Penthouse Event Suite:

Looking for a DJ for any of your events drop us a line:

Written by Desi West


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