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This is so G – Jus Reign – Sprite and Spicy

My Spicy Icy Girl - Jus Reign x Sprite

Jus Reign – “Sprite and Spicy” takes us back to the 90s with his brand new RnB single. If you’re born in the 1980s through 1990 (Generation Y) you will love this new single Jus Reign Sprite and Spicy for its original RnB sound. This new single goes to prove Jus Reign is not only one of the funniest comedians ruling the internet, but he is also a musical genius.

Jus Reign – Sprite and Spicy

Directors: Glenn Michael + Christo Anesti
Producers: Vince Tran + Julian Nieva
Editor: Red Barbaza + Jus Reign
DOP: Ali Khurshid

Written by Karan Sokhey

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