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  • “Desi’s Den” A Dragon’s Den Parody by AKTV

    Desi’s Den by AKTV and his cast is a parody of a popular reality television program Dragon’s Den from Canada. Viewers from America may also be familiar with this show in America known as Shark Tank. Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank is a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of […] More

  • 4:55

    Nach Billo – Jus Reign ft. Babbu

    The first single for my upcoming parody album that has yet to be released and announced, that was never released. enjoy the sexiest song that you’ve ever heard Was posted by Jus Regin and his team. More

  • 3:01

    MTV Cribs Parody

    AK AKA Amazing AKA Aman AKA AKTV Inc would like you to LIKE & SHARE to keep em coming! Prashad distribution set up for the week 😉 In this video: sunnydcomedy Music by DJ HMD and DIPHOP More