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  • Tommy Sandhu Desioke With Diljit Dosanjh Karaoke

    Tommy Sandhu Desioke With Diljit Dosanjh Christmas Edition Diljit Dosanjh does karaoke with Tommy Sandhu at BBC Asian Network in London, England. How does the hit-maker Diljit Dosanjh handle the Desioke challenge? More

  • Desi Trill Desi Heat Hip-Hop Raxstar and Kandman Freestyles

    Desi Trill, presented by DJ Limelight from BBC Asian Network. Desi Heat Hip-Hop Freestyles by Raxstar and Kandman and many others from London, England. Desi Trill’s YouTube Channel also features many exclusive artist interviews by DJ Limelight. Raxstar – Desi Heat Freestyle | Desi Trill With lines like ‘Ain’t about views, I’m about longevity’, it’s […] More

  • Roach Killa BBC Freestyle ‘Dont Waste My Time’

    Roach Killa joined Kan D Man & DJ Limelight and jumped on the ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ beat, produced by A Dot Skitz. Listen to the show with Kan D Man & DJ Limelight every Saturday from 9pm-12am. More