Still Punjab – HMD Dhillon ft. Manjit Pappu DJ HMD

We are proud to announce the release of HMD’s new single track “Still Punjab” off the upcoming album “Nasha Detox” This track sheds light on the fact that where ever you go in the world you will meet Punjabi people and find the Punjabi culture still very much alive and thriving. Many people believe that the folk Punjabi culture is evaporating like the waters of it’s 5 rivers, but as you will hear in the song HMD’s has a very different perspective on this issue.

After the 2 verses of pure Punjabi Raps, HMD collaborates with the legendary Lyricist “Jhalman Singh Dhanda” who has written countless super Punjabi hits including Sukhshinder Shinda’s “Aj Din kushia da sajana” and most recently Jas Dhami’s hit song “Mein Punjabi boli ah” This time Jhalman SIngh writes a powerful combination of short verses for the legendary singer “Manjit Pappu” who joins HMD with his breathtaking super powered Punjabi vocals which truly ads an authentic folk Punjabi atmosphere.

In the middle of the song you will encounter A very touching and emotional moment of the track when you hear the voice of HMD’s late father “Bhupinder Singh Dhillon” who speaks about a quick contrast between living in Punjab and or Canada, HMD’s pulled his voice out from a 1989 home movie from when he first visited Punjab at the age of 7.

Please have a listen, play and share this legendary combination of a pioneering music producer in HMD & hear and absorb the words of Jhalman SIngh Dhanda through the mesmerizing voice of Manjit Pappu. We hope you enjoy


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