The Time SuperWoman Lilly Singh Visited the West Indies

SuperWoman AKA Lilly Singh from Canada visits Trinidad & Tobago to continue her world tour. In the immense heat SuperWoman and her team of unicorns performed their show alongside surprise guests Machel Montano, Ravi B and KI.

The Time We Went to Trinidad & Tobago (Day 351)

After a long and stressful travel experience, we’ve finally made it to Trinidad and Tobago where I was greeted by so many amazing fans! We had some AMAZING Trini-Chinese food and Oshani got a major allergic reaction. As she was sent to the hospital we all had to practice and get ready. It was CHAOS!

The Time I Ate Doubles For The First Time (Day 352)

Today we practice for our Trinidad & Tobago show in immense heat! I introduce you to our surprise guests Machel Montano, Ravi B and KI. I then meet 400 wonderful people and it’s amazing but so exhausting. So I had to refresh with some doubles! Enjoy x


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Written by Desi West Music