Swami Baracus ‘Return of The Dragon’ Music Video

After a prolonged hiatus, West London rapper Swami Baracus is back in his element, bringing you bars on beats and bass with ‘RETURN OF THE DRAGON!’ Baracus showcases his stellar wordplay and clever metaphors over a bassy boom-bap beat, with charismatic aplomb. The tongue-in-cheek video also highlights the Baracuda’s comedic side, as displayed in his previous incarnation with the Caravan Crookz.

Swami Baracus ‘Return of The Dragon’ Lyrics

flow immaculate, smacking back at these petty candidates
surrounded by these miners, divide them like Margaret Thatcher did
slack at this, you’re getting blacklisted amongst the passionates
return of the dragon, i’m just slashing my abstinence
release the Kraken, i’m clashing titans in battlefronts
soak up the cannon, and water down all your sentiments
and that’s a wet dream, you ain’t got the testes to test these
flows break waves like jetskis
setting a precedent, its been a decade of decadence
spreading resonance, so why’d you still question my relevance
i’m beneficial while you’re just benefitting from benefits
my beneficiary’s blessed hearing a bruva spit
hit the summit this summer, you suckers fearing the heights
dash your singles off, i’m sick of hearing ’em twice
Baracuda’s on this Power Trip, like Ambassadors,
see mans driving an Indian whip
I’m the FIRST dude to burst through convention in SECONDS
and with the THIRD strike, i march FORTH, with a pen as a weapon
in this FIFTH element, find your fears with my SIXTH sense
sins coming back on past tense, reaching SEVENTH Heaven
a Giant walking amongst petty lames, like the EIGHTH wonder of the world
I’m masterminded solely by The Brain
sat on Cloud NINE, regardless of their Top TENS
cats lose focus, living life within a spot lens
tighten my resolve, another notch to my belt
they’re puppets on a string, cutting the surface revealing the felt
i fell victim to promises from these profiteers, &
now i promise, i’ll show in prominence what a problem is
your lack of sanity’s a tragedy
even if it’s wax on, or wax off, they couldn’t hold a candle to me,
its like Kamp Krusty, daily, all these kids are idolising clowns
i need to burn up the circus to save me
arsonism is a given when dragon’s are spitting
carry extinguishers to diminish your burning ambition
Mr Wicker Man, stick to your frivolous plans
keep it simple, stepping off this sizzling pan
Like a 1970s Skinhead, i’m spitting around ethnics
but yo, the tables have turned, see me punching your Technics
profess this, you eccentric’s are getting restless
that’s not a gut feeling, Baracuda’s snatched your solar plexus
sick to my stomach, i need an absolution
sharpen this pencil again, I’m seeking retribution
the youth are confused, abusing their views
so my music’s a fuse, enthusing to boost a revolution
Baracuda’s now an institution
The New Year’s in HD, so i’m just improving my resolution
never play the blame game, i just aim pain from the flames,
leave a brain drain on you plain janes
serve rappers, and i munch em, cannibalize
my rhymes cause grief on road, i’m gettin breathalyzed
hysterical minds defining these critical times
ignorant swimming with catfish, living a lie
but i don’t break, I incite hate
separate your eyes from the sockets today, making this a blind date
fisticuffs over principles & trust
see I’m cut from a different cloth, you fools can never stitch me up
act up, getting gassed up
never needed sausage or potatoes, to give em’ bangers when mashed up
they try to Marvel me like Stan Lee, it’s comical
written in the stars, these rhymes are astronomical
i’m never gonna make a million hits
but i’m the real definition of how a true brother spits
the subculture’s locked to my subconscious soul
so i rep it til my metaphysical’s out of control
Not hear to be a star, or seeking to climb charts
like a chronic alcoholic, yo, I’m all about the bars

Swami Baracus ‘Return of The Dragon’ Credits

Written and Performed by Swami Baracus
Mixed and Mastered by Kami K
Filmed By Solaris2 Productions
Edited by Totem AV

Swami Baracus Cast
Champion: Swami Baracus
Champion’s trainer: Damien Mohamed
Challenger: Richy Green
Challenger’s trainer: Samuel Wilson

Special Thanks to Nomad’s Gym!


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