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As a platform whose mission is to celebrate, empower and serve those who serve others, we understand that authentically serving humans starts from within. At Desi West, we are creating a world we want to live in, and we work hard to ensure that our platform reflects what we want to see in our community.

That’s why we prioritize building a diverse, inclusive, equitable and supportive team that is driven by creativity and purposeful innovation and represents a mix of gender, racial and ethnic backgrounds, industries and levels of experience.

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We invite you to lead and promote positive change in your community.

You may apply and qualify for multiple roles listed below. Please connect with our team and share your skills with our community.



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Event Organizer


Music Producer


Song Writer

Video Director

Our Vision

In a perfect world our platform offers an opportunity to empower and encourage the youth to create a positive impact for future generations. Desi West is proud to support and unite people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultures from around the world.

Our Mission

Desi West believes in diversity, multiculturalism, equality and inclusion. Desi West offers a unique opportunity to protect our heritage and promote our culture. We are honored to support creativity and purposeful innovation within our communities.

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    In order to be successful, our team must feel empowered to show up as their true selves. And every single person at Desi West must have a platform to be seen, heard and celebrated.