NYPD Racial Profiling Experiment – The Struggle is Real

TrueStory ASA is a group of two friends, Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar. Together they make comedic YouTube videos that pole fun at social issues such as Racial Profiling.

In this Racial Profiling Experiment, two men wearing casual clothing push and argue with each other in front of an NYPD Police Officer, who completely ignores the two men fighting. Then the video shows, after twenty minutes the same two men wearing cultural clothing, and arguing as they walk past the NYPD officer who immediately stops and confronts them with the questions, “why are you dressed like that” and “is this a knife, is this a gun?”

It turns out that this video is a hoax and staged to increase awareness of Racial Profiling. However, for some people the struggle is real and are confronted on the regular.

Racial Profiling Experiment
Racial Profiling Experiment

This video is a Dramatization of previous events that occurred with us in our tradition clothing while filming in NYC. This video is not against the NYPD, it’s just an example of what we have to go through sometimes when filming in NYC. This is to raise awareness for Racial Profiling.


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Written by Desi West Music